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A multivitamin is a dietary supplement with vitamins and dietary minerals. Multivitamins are usually in the form of a tablet, capsule or liquid. Multivitamins usually contain a mix of vitamins which are required by the body, but not produced by the body in sufficient quantities. These vitamins must be obtained as part of a healthy diet and a multivitamin helps to ensure that you receive a sufficient quantity of the most important vitamins in one easy to take dose.

All about vitamins

The term vitamin was derived from "vitamine" a combination of the words "vital" and "amine" as it was initially suggested that the organic nutrient which prevented a dietary deficiency may be an amine hence a "vital amine". This was in fact proved to be incorrect but the word was shortened. It is now defined as an important substance which is required for the body to function, but is not created in sufficient quantities by the body, meaning it has obtained from a healthy diet.

In a leading multivitamin

Sanatogen - A-Z Complete 23 essential Vitamins and Minerals
For a HEALTHY HEART and BLOOD - Calcium, Vitamin B6, B12, Folic acid, Thiamin, Iron.
For your IMMUNE SYSTEM - Vitamin A, C, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Zinc.
ANTIOXIDANTS - Vitamin C, E, Manganese, Selenium, Copper.
For ENERGY - Vitamin C, E, Manganese, Selenium, Copper.
For your BONES, TEETH and GUMS- Vitamin A, C, D, K, Magnesium, Calcium.

In a leading multivitamin

Seven Seas Multibionta Vitality Complete Multivitamin with Probiotics
Immune Supporting Nutrients - Probiotics. Vitamins A, C, E.
Energy Releasing Nutrients - Vitamin B Complex.
Antioxidant Protective Nutrients - Vitamins A, C, E. Selenium
Muscle Functioning Nutrients - Vitamin B Complex
Digestive System Nutrients - Probiotics.
Protective Probiotic Release System - Gastro Protective Coating 3 Layered Tablet.

In a leading multivitamin

Centrum Advance Tablets
Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 & minerals phosphorus & magnesium help release energy from food to contribute to your overall health & well-being
Vitamins A & Biotin to help healthy skin
Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system
Metabolism Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism.
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